Third Committee approves draft resolution on World Youth Skills Day

Vocational Training Program in Cap HaitienThe Third Committee of the General Assembly recently approved a draft resolution on designating 15 July as a World Youth Skills Day. Since the Committee opened its session on 7 October, when it was stated that development must centre on people and the realization of social rights, it has addressed a number of social, humanitarian and cultural issues related to UN DESA’s work.

Youth unemployment remains at high levels, estimated globally at 74.5 million in 2013, with the majority of unemployed youth living in developing countries.

Recognizing that fostering the acquisition of skills by young people would enhance their ability to make informed life and work choices and empower them to gain access to changing labour markets, the General Assembly would, by the terms of the draft text, invite all Member States and international, regional and United Nations system organizations to commemorate World Youth Skills Day in an appropriate manner.

The Committee, acting without a vote, approved this text on World Youth Skills Day on 13 November. Earlier in the fall and as the Committee began its session, some 28 Youth Delegates, representing 21 countries, took the floor to share some of the issues that concern them and their peers worldwide.

World Summit for Social Development turns 20

At the World Summit for Social Development in Copenhagen in 1995 the international community prioritized putting people at the centre of social development and committed to eradicating poverty, supporting full and productive employment, and promoting social integration, among other social goals.

Approaching the 20th anniversary of the Summit in 2015, delegations stressed that the core objectives of the Summit remained as valid today as they were in 1995, highlighting the continuing challenge of realizing inclusive development. Several delegations encouraged Member States, regional organizations, and civil society organizations to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Summit.

Many delegations stressed that the post-2015 sustainable development agenda should uphold the vision of the World Summit for Social Development by focusing on people-centred development, poverty eradication, full employment and decent work, social inclusion, tackling inequality, investing in human capital and addressing the needs – and protecting the rights – of women, persons with disabilities, older persons, youth and other disadvantaged social groups.

They highlighted in particular the centrality of poverty eradication to the post-2015 agenda. Additionally, delegations underscored the need to ensure that it gives adequate attention to the three dimensions of sustainable development, which requires strengthening the social development pillar. Political will, honouring aid commitments and finding new sources of financing will be essential to speeding up the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 as well as implementing a new development agenda.

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