Second Committee announces six special events

The Economic and Financial Committee (Second Committee) of the General Assembly will address a wide range of issues under the chairmanship of H.E. Mr. George Wilfred Talbot from Guyana as it begins its working session on 8 October

The agenda of the Second Committee features a general debate followed by a broad range of agenda items on topics including groups of countries in special situations, globalization and interdependence, macroeconomic policy questions, sustainable development, financing for development and the eradication of poverty. The Committee will also address agricultural development and food security, and the permanent sovereignty of the Palestinian people in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

During the the first meeting of the Committee which was held on 21 September, Mr. Modest Jonathan Mero of the United Republic of Tanzania was elected as Vice-Chair from the African States group. The rest of the bureau is composed by representatives from Bangladesh, Mr. Tauhedul Islam, and from Italy, Mr. Stefano Stefanile. The Rapporteur is Ms. Aida Hodzic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The chair informed the Committee of the distribution of responsibilities within the bureau and discussed the programme of work. 

The chair also announced six special events proposed by the bureau of the Second Committee: 

  • Lessons learned from debt crises and ongoing work on sovereign debt restructuring and debt resolution mechanisms;
  • Science, technology and innovation: a new development paradigm;
  • The challenges of countries under special situations/The special challenges of middle-income countries;
  • Follow up to Rio+20 on sustainable development goals;
  • Entrepreneurship for development; and
  • Migration and development: causes and impacts.

As in previous years, the general debate will be preceded by a keynote address by a prominent economist, Professor James Robinson from Harvard University. The Chair also announced a joint briefing of the Committee and ECOSOC by the Project Link Partnership; a joint meeting between the Committee and ECOSOC on food security and nutrition; and the possibility of a joint meeting of the Second and Third Committees on a topic of mutual interest that would benefit the work of both Committees. 

The Chair highlighted that the target date for the conclusion of the work of the Committee is 30 November.

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