Promoting public service excellence

The 2012 UN Public Service Day, Awards Ceremony and Forum on “Innovation and Citizens Engagement for Effective Governance” held in New York on 25-27 June, resulted in a Final Communique, containing a set of recommendations to Member States and the UN

The suggestions were the result of active interactions and dialogue held across four parallel capacity development workshops and a ministerial round-table by over 400 government officials from 96 Member States on the respective themes of: 1) Institutions and Leadership Capacities to Innovate and Engage Citizens in Service Delivery; 2) Preventing Corruption in Public Administration: Engaging Citizens in the Fight Against Corruption; 3) E-Government: From Policy to Practice; 4) The Dividends of Women in the Frontline of Service Delivery: Good Governance and Citizen Engagement.

The recommendations were outlined along the following respective thematic areas: 

  • Localizing public priorities and build institutional mechanisms that allow for two-way communication and active listening to engage citizens in service delivery;
  • Promoting excellence in public service through national awards and recognition systems, i.e., naming and faming;
  • Creating a global academy for leadership capacity-building;
  • Implementing e-government strategies through collaborative government approaches by building partnerships with private sector and civil society which would ensure sustained investment in e-government;
  • Improving public sector human resource capacity development for preventing corruption and engaging citizens in anti-corruption initiatives;
  • Promoting a system to manage the transfer of knowledge among countries that are seeking for innovations and those that have already implemented innovative practices. 

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