ECOSOC NGO Committee meets

The 19 members of the ECOSOC Committee on Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) will gather for its 2012 Regular Session on 30 January – 8 February and on 17 February at UN Headquarters

The agenda will include reviewing 348 applications from NGOs from both developing and developed countries for consultative status. The areas of focus embrace a wide range of expertise including health, education, environment, human rights and gender issues, among others. As part of its monitoring role, the Committee will also review 375 quadrennial reports from NGOs in special and general consultative status to assess their contribution to ECOSOC.

In accordance with ECOSOC Resolution 1996/31, the Committee is tasked with considering applications from NGOs worldwide for consultative status with the objective of enabling NGOs to: (i) contribute to the ECOSOC agenda; (ii) participate more effectively in the work of the ECOSOC including through attendance in meetings, consultations and contributions to the Secretary General’s reports; and (iii) disseminate the work of the Council, including at the country level.

To enhance the role of civil society as important partners in development, the work of the Committee is intended to strengthen their participation in the intergovernmental process and thereby facilitate the substantive contribution of civil society to the work of the United Nations and in the implementation of the UN development agenda.

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