Assessing Member States contributions

Revitalization of the work of the General AssemblyThe Committee on Contributions – a technical committee of the General Assembly – will review the methodology of the scale of assessment of the contributions of Member States to the budget of the Organization for possible improvements, with the support of UN DESA’s Statistics Division.

The Committee will commence its 75th session on 1 June and will continue until 26 June, and the Statistics Division will provide substantive services to the Committee on technical aspects of the elements of the scale methodology and the supporting data for calculating the scale.

For this purpose the Statistics Division will make presentations on the elements of scale, provided oral responses to the questions by the Committee, prepare several conference room papers as requested by the Committee members including the calculation of several alternative models for the scale assessment for the period 2016-2018 using updated data.

The Statistics Division will also provide information on the economic situation of Member States to help the Committee to decide on representations made under Article 19 of the United Nations Charter.

For more information: UN DESA’s Statistics Division