Advancing environmental economic accounting in Indonesia

United Nations Forum on Forests Photo Competition: "Walking Alone" DATE NEEDS TO BE CHECKEDUN DESA’s Statistics Division will conduct a mission to Jakarta on 13-17 April as part of the project Advancing the System of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA) in Indonesia.

As part of the project “Advancing the SEEA Experimental Ecosystem Accounting in pilot countries”, UN DESA’s Statistics Division in collaboration with United Nations Environment Programme and Convention of Biological Diversity is working in close collaboration with the National Statistical Office of Indonesia to develop a National Plan for advancing environmental-economic accounting in Indonesia.

The objective is to strengthen the national statistical system in support of developing an information system for sustainable development through the development of comparable environmental-economic accounts, including ecosystem accounts to support policy decisions in Indonesia.

The Statistics Division will visit Indonesia to participate in a series of high-level bilateral meetings as well as a high-level general meeting with Chilean officials and other relevant stakeholders, with the objective to obtain high-level endorsement of the National Plan and begin to foster institutional arrangements to implement the SEEA with the active involvement of all relevant agencies.

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