Promoting accountable delivery of public services in Africa

UN DESA’s Division for Public Administration and Development Management (DPADM) joins the 36th ‘African Association for Public Administration and Management’ (AAPAM) roundtable conference to conduct capacity building workshops in Rabat, Morocco, on 2-6 March.

During the conference, DPADM will conduct two capacity building workshops and one e-Government Survey consultation. The first workshop will be attended mainly by the Members of the Africa Public Sector Human Resource Managers’ Network (APS-HRMnet) and will focus on ‘Strengthening Professionalism, Ethics, Integrity and Accountability in the Public Service for Sustainable Development in Africa’. It is aimed at promoting professional, ethical, and accountable delivery of public services in Africa.

The second one, focusing on ‘Effective Partnership between Ministers and Bureaucratic Leaders: From Policy to Implementation’, will be attended by Heads of Public Service and Cabinet Secretaries. Its major objective is to contribute to strengthening the capacity of political leadership and senior public service leaders in Africa, to carry out integrated and coordinated public policy formulation, decision, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

The expected outcome of the workshops includes increased knowledge and awareness by political and administrative leaders in public sector institutions in Africa of the importance of integrated and coordinated policy formulation, implementation and monitoring, as well as evaluation by focusing on enhanced collaboration and partnerships between political leaders and senior public servants.

In addition, consultation sessions on the e-Government Survey will be conducted during the Roundtable Conference to update Africa’s Public Service Leadership on the developments in the use of information and communication technologies to conduct public governance and public administration and to solicit inputs for improvements in the next United Nations e-government survey.

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