Strengthening environment statistics

newsletter environment conferenceSecond Meeting of the Expert Group on Environment Statistics will take place in New York on 25-27 March.

The Statistical Commission at its forty-fourth session in 2013 adopted the revised Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics (FDES 2013) as the framework for strengthening environment statistics programmes in countries and requested UN DESA’s Statistics Division to convene an Expert Group on Environment Statistics to collaborate with the division in the development of the necessary methodological tools to support the implementation of the FDES 2013.

The meeting will discuss and finalize (i) the draft methodology sheets of Volume I of the Manual for the Basic Set of Environment Statistics; (ii) Part I of the Environment Statistics Self-Assessment Tool (ESSAT) on institutional aspects; and (iii) Part II and III of the ESSAT on national priorities and data availability. Experts from developing and developed countries, as well as from international and inter-governmental organizations will attend the meeting.

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