The way forward for forests

The UN Forum on Forests (UNFF) will hold a workshop on the International Arrangement on Forests (IAF) from 22-23 October in Vienna, Austria .  The meeting will facilitate a knowledge-based discussion on the future of multilateral polices and institutions related to forests.

In addition to reviewing polices and institutions related to forests, the workshop will also explore ways to elevate the profile of forests in ongoing intergovernmental consultations related to the post-2015 development agenda, as well as the sustainable development goals. Participants are expected from more than fifty countries, major groups, intergovernmental organizations and other stakeholders.

“After over 20 years of demonstrating the vital importance of forests and the many benefits they provide, the challenge now is to determine the best way forward – one that sustains both the forests and the people who depend on them,” said Jan McAlpine, Director of the UN Forum on Forests Secretariat.

The Vienna workshop is one of several key preparatory meetings taking place in the lead up for the next session of the United Nations Forum on Forests which will take place from 4 to 15 May 2015 in UNHQ, New York.  The 2015 session has an overall theme of “Forests: progress, challenges and the way forward for the international arrangement”.

The Forum is the only subsidiary body of ECOSOC with universal membership, and has a mandate to address all issues related to forests, and to promote conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests and trees outside forests.

The 2015 session of the Forum will have far-reaching impact, as Members will decide on the future of the Forum, as well as the policies for promoting sustainable management of forests worldwide. These discussions may also include an agreement on developing a legally binding global treaty on forests, as well as a global forest fund.

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