Statistics to measure international trade services

UN Regional Workshop on Statistics of International Trade in Services will be held on 11-14 December in Bogota, Colombia

In 2010, the United Nations Statistical Commission adopted the Manual on Statistics of International Trade in Services (MSITS 2010) and requested the international community to make extra efforts in providing capacity building activities to developing countries. In this context DESA’s Statistics Division will organize a training workshop on compilation issues of MSITS 2010 for Latin American countries. The workshop is organized jointly with the national statistical office of Colombia and with support from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis.

The agenda of the workshop will cover topics such as the general framework of MSITS 2010, the main data collection and data processing issues with special attention to enterprise surveys and the use of ITRS, the compilation issues related to measuring Travel services and Tourism-related international trade in services, the compilation of foreign affiliates statistics and some cross-cutting issues such as quality management, meta-data and the use of information technology.

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