Discussing outcome of environment statistics pilot testing

Expert Group Meeting on the Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics will be held on 5-7 November in New York

The United Nations Statistical Commission, at its 41st session, endorsed a work programme and the establishment of an Expert Group for the revision of the Framework for the Development of Environment Statistics (FDES). After two years of intensive work the revised Framework, including a Core Set of Environment Statistics, has been submitted for pilot testing and global consultation. 

The revised FDES is a multipurpose conceptual and statistical framework that is comprehensive and integrative in nature. It provides an organizing structure to guide the collection and compilation of environment statistics and to synthesize data from various subject areas and sources. It is broad and holistic in nature, covering the issues and aspects of the environment that are relevant for analysis, policy and decision making.

The revised FDES together with a plan for its implementation, is expected to be submitted to the forty fourth session of the Statistical Commission for approval in February 2013. DESA’s Statistics Division is organizing this meeting to discuss the outcome of the pilot testing and the global consultation and develop a plan how to move the implementation of the FDES forward.

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