Demonstrating potentials of CensusInfo

National Workshop on CensusInfo will be organized in Kampara, Uganda, on 5-9 December

Organized by DESA’s Statistics Division in collaboration with Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), the workshop is designed to demonstrate through in-depth, hands-on experiences, the potential of CensusInfo as a platform for disseminating census data at any geographical level.

The participants of UBOS will learn various processes involved in the adaptation of CensusInfo including preparation of CensusInfo template and database, importing data, language translation and customization of the software package.

The sessions will include hands-on training on using CensusInfo User Interface and Database Administration applications as well as an introduction in the process of web-enabling the CensusInfo database. The objective of the training is to create a first version of a Uganda CensusInfo application including maps and a subset of data/indicators based on data of the 2002 census and earlier censuses if available.

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