Implementing recommendations of trade statistics in Sub-Saharan Africa

Workshop on updated and new recommendations for International Merchandise Trade Statistics (IMTS 2010) will be held in Lusaka, Zambia, 1-5 November

At its forty-first session (23 – 26 February 2010) the Statistical Commission adopted IMTS 2010 and endorsed the implementation programme as contained in the Secretary General’s report, including the preparation of the revised IMTS Compilers Manual and continued technical assistance activities.

This workshop focuses on the implementation of IMTS in countries of the Sub-Saharan Africa region and is organized by DESA’s Statistics in cooperation with the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). Participants will learn about the new and updated recommendations and share their experiences in the compilation of IMTS and the implementation of the international recommendations (old and new) on IMTS, also with view on identifying issues and best practices for inclusion in the updated IMTS Compilers Manual.

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Developing census capacities in Malawi

National CensusInfo Training will take place in Zomba, Malawi from 9-12 November

DESA’s Statistics Division is organizing this training in collaboration with the National Statistical Office, Malawi. It is intended to develop the national census technical teams’ capacities to adapt CensusInfo as platform for disseminating census data. Participants will learn various processes involved in the adaptation of CensusInfo including preparation of CensusInfo template and database, standard report and profile templates, language translation and packaging the software.

The sessions also includes hands-on training on using CensusInfo User Interface and Database Administration applications, designing and creating templates and databases to house country-specific census data, learning various data administration utilities including importing census data to facilitate uploading of data into the CensusInfo system, and generating relevant tables, graphs, maps, reports and profiles for reporting purposes.

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