Prospective Donors

How does a country become a donor of the Junior Professional Officers (JPO) Programme?

  1. By signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the donor government and UN/DESA. Once the text is agreed upon, the Capacity Development Programme Management Office (CDPMO) of UN/DESA will prepare a final version in two originals. The name and title of the signatory on the side of the donor government is required. Both originals will be then sent to the donor government for signature. Once the representative of the donor government signs and returns the originals, CDPMO will send them to the Executive Office of UN/DESA for signature. Kindly note that if there are substantial changes to the standard agreement the document may need to go through the UN Office of Legal Affairs (UN/OLA) for review, which may cause delay.
  2. UN/DESA’s Finance office opens a specific project account. Once the agreement is signed, the donor government may start reserving JPO positions and the initial stages of recruitment can begin, mainly assessment of candidates and selection. The first transfer of funds will have to take place in order for UN/DESA/CDPMO to send the letter of offer to selected candidates.

The general process with all our donor governments is:

  1. The donor country is granted access to all the JPO vacancies, and advises CDPMO which posts it wishes to sponsor. CDPMO will confirm that the position is still available and the post will then be officially reserved for the donor government.
  2. The government is in general in charge of the publishing of the post in the donor country and the pre-selection of suitable candidates and submits a short-list of candidates together with their UN Personal History Forms – PHPs/ CVs to CDPMO.
  3. CDPMO sends the short-list of candidates and their PHPs together with a formal evaluation request form to the UN Department in question.
  4. The final selection of the candidate is made by the UN Department through competency-based interviews. The interviews can be telephonic, video or in-person, and can be done solely by the receiving office or in collaboration between the donor government and the UN Department.
  5. CDPMO receives the completed evaluation report from the UN Department, together with their recommendation and the order of preference of the candidates, should the top-rated applicant not be available. CDPMO confirms the availability of the candidate with the donor country.
  6. Once the confirmation is received, CDPMO starts the recruitment process, including submission of the cost estimate.For more information please contact us.