Participating Entities

All available JPO (and SARC) job descriptions/Terms of References are accessible for review via our
password secured pages for departments and donor countries

UN DESA recruits and administers JPOs for:

FAQs for Participating Entities

How do I request a JPO for my Office?

Please provide us with the Terms of Reference, using the attached template. We are also attaching the booklet of UN Competencies for ease of reference. JPO positions are foreseen on P2 level.
JPOs are usually under 32 years at the time of application, hold an advanced university degree, and have at least two years of relevant professional experience.  Once the TORs have been submitted to and reviewed by us, they are assigned a post number and added to our TOR online compendium for all donors. 

In order to request a JPO, kindly download and fill out the following TOR template and send it to the UN JPO Programme team by email:

New: For Resident Coordinator Offices: How do I request a Special Assistant to the Resident (SARC)

In order to request a SARC, kindly download and fill out the following TOR template and send it the UN JPO Programme team by email:

How do participating donor countries access the JPO Terms of references?

The JPO TORs are published on our website in the password secured area, to which participating donor countries have access at any given time. Donor countries review the TORs, identify the ones they are interested in sponsoring, and reserve them with our office. The selected TORs are marked as reserved on our website as they are no longer available. The UN JPO Programme team advises the substantive office of the donor countries interest in the post.

The TORs have been selected. What happens next?

The donor country publishes the vacancy on its website, reviews the applications, and provides a short-list, together with the PHPs, of suitable candidates to the UN JPO Programme. We forward the received documentation, together with an evaluation request form, to the substantive office, which makes the final selection, based on competency-based interviews. The interviews can be by skype, telephone, video or in-person, and are conducted by the receiving office. Donors may participate as an observer. The interview evaluation report, is submitted to the UN JPO Programme, together with the recommendations in order of ranking of the preference.

The UN JPO Programme will then inform the donor country of the outcome of the selection process and request confirmation of the availability of the first ranked candidate and upon receipt of it, will initiate the recruitment process. Should the first ranked candidate no longer be available, the availability of the second ranked candidate will be verified.

The recruitment process takes 2-3 months from the time of the selection of the confirmation from the donor government that the selected candidate is available.

Kindly note that due to the large number of JPO requests (300-400 at all times) not all TORs will be reserved by donor countries. They will, however, remain on our website for maximum 2 years.