Evaluation of the Small Grants Programme

Trust Fund9During the meeting of the advisory group for the Small Grants Programme of the Trust Fund on Indigenous Issues held in May 2011, it was recommended that a study be conducted to: (a) provide an assessment of the impact and the good practices identified from projects; and (b) provide guidance to the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues with respect to the criteria for applying for small grants financed through the Trust Fund.

Main findings include:

1) The evaluation found that the Small Grants Programme has effectively enabled indigenous peoples from around the world to positively contribute to the achievement of the goal and objectives of the Second Decade, either by undertaking action themselves and/or by influencing policies or policy processes that affect them;

2) The policy impact of the projects have been mostly at local level, where they matter the most;

3) The Small Grants Programme support can be considered substantial and significant in relation to the very limited amount of money and implementation time of the projects; and

4) Increased awareness about indigenous peoples’ rights and organizational strengthening of indigenous peoples were major positive changes that will contribute to reaching the ‘critical mass’ that is necessary for upstream, sustained policy changes.
Evaluation of the small grants programme on the Second International Decade of the World’s Indigenous People under the Trust Fund on Indigenous Issues(E/C.19/2013/21)
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