Permanent Forum Members’ Reports on Culture

  • E/C.19/2013/5 Study on resilience, traditional knowledge and capacity-building for pastoralist communities in Africa by Paul Kanyinke Sena
  • E/C.19/2013/14 Study on engaging indigenous peoples more inclusively in the process of disaster risk reduction by respecting linguistic and cultural practices of indigenous peoples known to be at risk by Paimaneh Hasteh and Myrna Cunningham
  • E C.19/2010/2 Report on indigenous fishing rights in the seas with case studies from Australia and Norway by Carsten Smith and Michael Dodson
  • E C.19/2010/4 Study on consideration and recognition of Mother Earth rights by Carlos Mamani Candori and Bartolome Clavero
  • E/C.19/2007/CRP. 6  Oil Palm and Other Commercial Tree Plantations, Monocropping: Impacts on Indigenous Peoples’ Land Tenure and Resource Management Systems and Livelihoods by Victoria Tauli-Corpuz and Parshuram Tamang
  • E/C.19/2007/10 Report on Indigenous Traditional Knowledge by Michael Dodson