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Indigenous Peoples’ Autonomies and Self-Governance: Regional Dialogue for Latin America and Caribbean

On Tuesday 19 October at 9 AM (EST), the Permanent Forum will organize an regional dialogue on Indigenous Peoples’ autonomy and self-governance in the Latin America and Caribbean region. 

There will be interpretation available from Spanish to English and vice-versa.

At its twentieth session, the Permanent Forum committed to facilitating informal online regional dialogues on autonomy and self-governance to support the development of guiding principles for the realization of the rights of indigenous peoples to autonomy and self-government.

The dialogues will include consideration of the following questions: 

  • Good practices related to Indigenous Peoples’ autonomy.
  • Priorities of indigenous peoples 
  • Potential scope of these guiding principles
  • Identification of specific principles and guidelines for the implementation of indigenous peoples’ rights to autonomy and self-government.

Participation will be open to representatives of Indigenous Peoples’ organizations, Member States, UN entities, academia and NGOs, applying the same criteria for participation that is used for the annual sessions of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. 

The dialogues will be organized in each of the seven socio-cultural regions determined to give broad representation to the world’s indigenous peoples. 

Concept note (available in Spanish only)

Agenda (available is Spanish only)

Summary of the discussion EN | ES