INFF Guidance Materials

Guidance Materials


The Inter-Agency Task Force has been tasked with supporting countries’ efforts to operationalise integrated national financing frameworks by developing toolkits and guidance material. At the same time, the Secretary-General’s Strategy for Financing the 2030 Agenda and its three-year Roadmap of actions and initiatives commits the UN development system to support countries to adopt and implement INFFs. A number of countries have decided to ‘pioneer’ the INFF concept with support from the United Nations and the European Union. 
A working draft of a first module – on an INFF inception phase – has been published. This module is the first in a series of guidance documents that the Task Force will prepare. They will build on the 2019 Financing for Sustainable Development Report and its thematic chapter

  • Module 0: INFF inception phase
  • Module 1: assessments and diagnostics (INFF building block 1) 
  • Module 2: financing strategy (INFF building block 2) 
  • Module 3: monitoring, review and accountability (INFF building block 3) 
  • Module 4: governance and coordination (INFF building block 4) 

Please share any reflections, comments and inputs on the working drafts of the modules via email to: