Subcommittee on Practices and Procedures

Subcommittee on Practices and Procedures

Established: 20 October 2017
Coordinators: Stephanie Lynn Smith (Canada)

Participants in the Subcommittee:

Abdoulfatah Moussa Arreh (Djibouti)
Patricia Mongkhonvanit (Thailand)
Carlos E. Protto (Argentina)
Titia Stolte-Detring (Germany)


The Subcommittee on UN Tax Committee Practices and Procedures is mandated to review the practices and procedures of the Committee with a view to improving the Committee’s ability to meet its mandate whilst preserving sufficient flexibility. The Subcommittee should initially report to the 16th session of the Committee, especially in relation to practices and procedures relating to the formation and operation of subcommittees, the expression of minority opinions and voting procedures.