Subcommittee on Environmental Taxation Issues

Subcommittee on Environmental Taxation Issues

Established: 20 October 2017
Coordinators: Natalia Aristizabal Mora (Colombia)

Participants in the Subcommittee

Jorge Antonio Deher Rachid (Brazil)
Dang Ngoc Minh (Viet Nam)
Marlene Patricia Nembhard-Parker (Jamaica)
Carlos E. Protto (Argentina)
Aart Roelofsen (the Netherlands)
Ingela Willfors (Sweden)

Susanne Åkerfeldt (Government)
Stefan Agne (European Commission)
Elena Belletti (Academia)
Robin Damberger (Academia)
Álvaro de Juan Ledesma (Business)
Tatiana Falcão (Academia)
Amparo Grau Ruiz (Academia)
Sharlin Hemraj (Government)
Gregory Leshchuk (IATA)
Eike Meyer (GIZ)
Christopher Morgan (Business)
Rodrigo Pizarro (Academia)
Dhruv Sanghavi (Academia)
Anna Theeuwes (Business)
Kurt Van Dender (International Organization/OECD)


The Subcommittee is mandated to consider, report on and propose guidance on environmental tax issues and opportunities for developing countries in particular, on the basis that it shall:

  • Identify and consider the most pressing issues where guidance from the Committee may most usefully assist developing countries in this area and initially report to the Committee on such issues at its sixteenth session in 2018;
  • Pay particular attention to the application of carbon taxes, and report on current country practices, policy considerations and administrative issues;
  • Provide draft guidance on such issues as are approved by the Committee at its sessions.

In undertaking its work, the Subcommittee shall consult broadly and seek to engage with others active in the field. The Subcommittee shall report on its work at each session.