Subcommittee on Increasing Tax Transparency

Subcommittee on Increasing Tax Transparency


The Subcommittee is mandated to:  

a.  Address the issue of increasing tax transparency in developing countries by:

  • Identifying gaps in existing work done in other fora as they relate to information exchange in developing countries and identifying challenges faced in the implementation of international standards in exchange of information; 
  • Proposing solutions to address the identified gaps and challenges, including possible new standards and domestic measures; and
  • Advising on ways to provide technical support to developing countries to address those challenges.

b.  Report back to the Committee no later than the Twenty-fourth Session on its findings and recommendations, including a proposed plan of work.

In undertaking its work, the Subcommittee may wish to consult broadly and engage with others active in this area.

Co-coordinators:    José Troya

                                    Nana Akua Achiaa Amoako Mensah