Subcommittee on Health Taxes

Subcommittee on Health Taxes


The Subcommittee is mandated to:

  • Identify priority issues where guidance from the Committee may most usefully assist developing countries, in particular, on health tax issues and initially report to the Committee on such issues at its Twenty-fourth Session in 2022;
  • Pay particular attention to the application of excise taxes on tobacco, alcohol and sugar-sweetened beverages and report on current country practices, policy considerations, and administrative issues; and
  • Provide draft guidance on such issues as are approved by the Committee at its sessions.

In undertaking its work, the Subcommittee may wish to consult academia, specialist agencies (such as the World Health Organization) and other international organizations, and civil society active in the field. The Subcommittee will also make drafts of its proposed reports and other publications available for written comment in order to receive input from industry stakeholders. The Subcommittee shall report on its work at each session.

Co-coordinators:          Kapembwa Elizabeth Namuyemba-Sikombe

Trude Steinnes Sønvisen