DCF collaborates with IATI on enhancing development cooperation information systems for emerging risks

Laptop screen showing different data visualizations

DESA's Financing for Sustainable Development Office (FSDO) will contribute to the IATI Partner Country Workshop in Kigali, Rwanda, 18-20 May 2022.  The Workshop will be informed by FSDO analysis of the latest trends and progress of international development cooperation, and the recommendations of the DCF Survey on development cooperation data and information systems.  FSDO’s contribution to the Workshop is designed to promote interactivity; meet countries where they are; understand how their development cooperation systems work and link to policies and strategies; and identify how development cooperation can build on existing strengths to address capacity gaps.  Discussions will also explore different tools and innovative practices countries are using to navigate their data challenges.  Key insights and recommendations from the discussion will help inform peer learning activities in 2022-2023, and ongoing FSDO collaboration with IATI to enhance development cooperation data and information systems for sustainable development and resilience-building.  Participation in the Workshop is by invitation only.

More information is available on the event page here.

Photo credit: Carlos Muza/Unsplash