Summary of Development Cooperation Forum (DCF) Regional Consultations

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Summary of Development Cooperation Forum (DCF) Regional Consultations:  Understanding an ‘ecosystem’ approach to strengthening the effectiveness of international development cooperation

Description:  Building on the findings of the 2020 DCF Survey Study, recommendations of the 2021 DCF high-level meeting and DCF analytical work, DESA organized virtual regional workshops in Asia-Pacific (3 December 2021), Africa (6 December 2021) and Latin America and the Caribbean (9 December 2021) entitled "Understanding an ‘ecosystem’ approach to strengthening effectiveness of international development cooperation." The workshops welcomed development cooperation practitioners to engage in small group discussions on systems thinking, including policies, tools and partnerships that are supporting countries to advance the effectiveness of development cooperation, manage risk, and build resilience. Participants also candidly shared experiences on how dynamics in
development cooperation had shifted during the COVID-19 pandemic.