About Capacity Development

Capacity development activities undertaken by the Financing for Sustainable Development Office (FSDO) aim at better enabling Member States to implement their commitments and agreements on Financing for Development, in accordance with the mandate included in General Assembly resolution 60/188 and Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) resolution 2009/30, in particular in the area of domestic resource mobilization.

In line with the current Capacity Development Strategy of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, which identified “Fiscal policy and international tax cooperation” as one of the priority areas, FSDO is developing and implementing a programme of capacity development activities on international tax cooperation. This programme aims at strengthening the capacity of national tax authorities and ministries of finance in developing countries to develop more effective and efficient tax systems, which support the desired levels of investment, and to combat tax evasion, as mandated by ECOSOC resolution 2012/33.

The Office has begun to expand its capacity development activities on domestic resource mobilization through a development account project entitled “Municipal asset management for sustainable development in selected Least Developed Countries in Africa and Asia”, jointly implemented with UNCDF. Over 80 local and central government officials have participated in workshops held in Gulu, Uganda (agendapress release), and Dodoma Tanzania (programme).The workshops resulted in the adoption of municipal Asset Management Action Plans (AMAPs) that are now being implemented in all participating municipalities.

Workshops in Asia were held in Pokhara, Nepal from 17-19 September 2019 and in Srimangal, Bangladesh from 21-23 September 2019.

The curriculae of the workshops are based on the findings of the application of a joint UN DESA and UNCDF diagnostic tool to assess the specific needs for asset management training and technical assistance of participating municipal governments.

FSDP makes every effort to ensure that all its capacity development activities are demand driven and respond to actual needs of Member States. It prioritizes work with partners in order to promote complementarities and avoid duplication. Within FSDO, the Capacity Development Unit is tasked with overseeing and coordinating all capacity development activities.

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