Rules Governing the Adminstration of Study Tours, Group Training, Seminars, Symposia & Workshops

A. Entitlements of Participants
41. The entitlements of participants are as follows:

(a) Round-trip international air travel, via the most direct and economical route;

(b) Internal travel within country(ies) of study, in accordance with the official programme;

(c) Daily subsistence allowance at the established United Nations rate for the country(ies) visited during the study tour. In some cases, the fellowship stipend rate will be applicable, rather than the DSA rate. Subsistence will be payable to participants from official arrival day through the last day of official programme, plus one day’s subsistence deemed to cover miscellaneous travel expenses (e.g. subsistence expenses while en route, airport taxes, transportation to and from airport). When the study tour includes
more than one country, subsistence will be paid from official arrival day in the first host country through the last day of official programme in the last host country visited, plus one day’s subsistence at the rate applicable in the last host country;

(d) Tuition or training charges, as previously approved by the United Nations. Interpretation charges may be considered in special cases where the programme so requires, but as this is not a normal entitlement, advance approval by Headquarters is needed;

(e) Participants are not entitled to any excess baggage allowance;

(f) Where board and lodging are provided for participants in a seminar, the daily subsistence allowance will be reduced to 20%, except for the additional day referred to in (c) above, which will be paid at the full rate.

B. Medical Benefits
42. Study tour participants automatically participate in the UN/DESA Cigna comprehensive global insurance scheme which covers medical, death and disability, provided participants have been medically cleared before departure. For study tour awards up to one month, a statement of good health, attested to by a duly-qualified physician, will be sufficient. For study-tour awards of more than one-month duration, the same medical clearance as fellowships will apply (see paragraph 6(a) of this brochure).

C. Waiver of UN/DESA Responsibility
43. The United Nations assumes no liability for damage to persons or property caused by a participant.

D. Obligations of Study Tour Participants
44. (a) To undertake the study programme in accordance with the instructions issued by the United Nations;

(b) To devote full time to the programme, as directed by the supervising agency in the country of study and by the United Nations.

(c) To conduct themselves at all times in a manner compatible with their responsibility as holders of a United Nations award;

(d) To refrain from engaging in political, commercial and any other activities incompatible with the study programme during the period of award;