CSocD58: Side Event on Family Homelessness, 13 February 2020

Family homelessness is a persisting social problem as well as a serious and often hidden developmental challenge in need of greater recognition and attention. Although research is scarce, family homelessness appears to be rising. Its causes range from fractured family relations, fleeing from domestic violence, loss of employment to internal migration and unsustainably rapid urbanization and scarcity of affordable housing. Most vulnerable households to experience both temporary and chronic homelessness include lone-parent families, mostly women with young children. Homeless children in these settings and street children are severely impacted by homelessness. They have poor health and nutrition, are often subject to violence, experience stress, anxiety and behavioural problems. Homeless families with children are those left furthest behind.

Side event of the 58th Commission on Social Development: “Family Homelessness: Prevention and Solutions” 13 February 2020, 11:30am – 12:45pm, Conference Room 12, UN Headquarters in New York