CSocD55 High Level Panel Discussions

The fifty-fifth session of the Commission for Social Development (CSocD55) will take place at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 1 to 10 February 2017. The priority theme for the 2017-2018 review and policy cycle would be “Strategies for the eradication of poverty to achieve sustainable development for all”.

High-level panel discussion on the priority theme
“Strategies for eradicating poverty to achieve sustainable development for all”
New York, 1 February 2017
Conference Room 4, 3pm-6pm

The high-level panel discussion will provide an opportunity for members of the Commission and other key stakeholders, including civil society organizations, to engage in a substantive dialogue on policy options to make further progress on the eradication of poverty, building on the experience in implementing the Copenhagen Programme of Action adopted at the World Summit for Social Development. The specific objectives of the high-level panel discussion are to:

(1) share concrete policies, strategies and measures that have been effective at eradicating poverty in all its forms and dimensions, including extreme poverty, and preventing people from falling into poverty in various national contexts;
(2) explore/identify, based on evidence, innovative approaches to eradicate poverty that can leverage the interlinkages between the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development;
(3) propose policy recommendations as substantive contributions to the 2017 ECOSOC annual theme and the 2017 high-level political forum.

Concept Note and List of Panellists


High-level panel discussion on emerging issues
“Promoting Integrated Policies for Poverty Eradication: Youth Development in the 2030 Agenda”
New York, 2 February 2017
Conference Room 4, 10:00 am-1:00 pm

The panel discussion will provide a forum for the open exchange of ideas that are strategically important for youth development and the Commission. Drawing on a Note by the Secretariat on Emerging Issues and the insights of experts, the overall objective of the panel is to discuss the World Programme of Action for Youth and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, examining how existing and newly adopted frameworks for development can contribute to and enhance development efforts and outcomes for youth.

Specifically, the panel aims to:

1) Provide an opportunity for relevant stakeholders to discuss key aspects of youth development addressed in the WPAY and the 2030 agenda and how these existing and newly adopted frameworks contribute to and enhance youth development efforts;
2) The panel will discuss how to achieve improved outcomes for youth through innovative thinking, strategies, and approaches, good practices and lessons learned at the national, regional and international levels, including approaches which pay particular attention to the most marginalized/vulnerable youth;
3) Explore how the Commission for Social Development could contribute to the review of progress in the implementation of the social dimension of sustainable development.

Concept Note and List of Panellists


  • Ms. Gemma Wood, Youth Development Consultant
  • Mr. Santiago Soto, National Director of the National Institute of Youth, Ministry of  Social Development, Uruguay

High-level panel discussion on
“Leaving No One Behind: Poverty and Disability”

New York, 3 February 2017
Conference Room 4, 10:00 am-1:00 pm

SDG 1 aims to eradicate extreme poverty for all people everywhere; reducing at least by half the proportion of men, women and children of all ages living in poverty; implementing nationally appropriate social protection systems and measures for all. The panel discussion will discuss challenges and opportunities for disability-inclusion in the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the new global development agenda, particularly for SDG 1. The panel will also:

  • Review an overview of the international policy framework on disability and development related to poverty reduction;
  • Discuss the current situation and identify challenges in poverty reduction for persons with disabilities;
  • Share good practices in poverty reduction for persons with disabilities;
  • Discuss recommendations for achieving SDG 1 (End poverty in all its forms) for persons with disabilities, including for action by Member States, the UN system and other stakeholders

Concept Note and List of Panellists


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