47th Session of the Commission for Social Development (CSocD47)

47th Session, 3 to 13 February 2009, New York     Priority Theme: "Social Integration"

Priority Theme: “Social Integration”

At its forty-seventh session, held from 4 to 13 February 2009, the Commission for Social Development (CSocD47) considered “Social integration”, the priority theme for the 2009-2010 review cycle, and the review of relevant United Nations plans and programmes of action pertaining to the situation of social groups.

On the priority theme, the Commission held a panel discussion elaborating on social integration, taking into account the relationship with poverty eradication and full employment and decent work for all, and engaged in an interactive dialogue with the Executive Coordinator of the United Nations Volunteers programme.

The Commission adopted a resolution entitled “Promoting full employment and decent work for all” and decided to recommend to the Economic and Social Council the adoption of a draft resolution entitled “Social dimensions of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development”.

During the panel discussion, under the agenda item entitled “Emerging issues”, the Commission discussed the current global crises and their impact on social development. The Chairperson’s summary of the discussions on the priority theme and on the emerging issues is contained in annex I to the present report. In connection with its review of United Nations plans and programmes of action pertaining to the situation of social groups, the Commission adopted resolutions entitled “First review and appraisal of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing, 2002”, and “Policies and programmes involving youth”.

The Commission also addressed the subject of programme performance and implementation for the biennium 2006-2007 and the proposed programme of work for the biennium 2010-2011 and heard statements by the Director of the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development and the Commission’s Special Rapporteur on disability

Final Report on the forty-seventh session, E/2009/26 (SUPP) – E/CN.5/2009/9 (SUPP)
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Members of the Bureau:

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H.E. Ms. Kirsti Lintonen
Ms. Lilit Toutkhalian
Mr. Tareq Md. Ariful Islam
Ms. Lorena Gimenez
Ms. Soha Gendi
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