CSocD53 Press Releases

13 February
Concluding Fifty-third Session, Commission for Social Development Recommends Four Draft Resolutions for Adoption by Economic and Social Council
Concluding its fifty-third session today, the Commission for Social Development approved by consensus four draft resolutions for adoption by the Economic and Social Council that addressed issues of African development, ageing, youth and the rights of persons with disabilities.

7 February
Decrying Unfulfilled Goals of 1995 World Summit, Delegates in Commission for Social Development Call for New, Transformative Public Policies
Twenty years after the landmark “Copenhagen Summit”, speakers in the Commission for Social Development today called for transformative public policies that supported a rights-based vision of a world which uplifted living standards for society’s most neglected while recognizing the vast differences among countries’ abilities to bring about that worthy goal.

6 February
Tackling Perceived Trade-offs, Delegates Debate Policies Supporting Both Economic Growth, Social Progress, as Commission for Social Development Wraps Up First Week
Amid widening inequalities both within and among countries, delegates in the Commission for Social Development today tackled the perceived trade-off between economic growth and social progress, debating ways to design policies that could improve overall well-being without sacrificing the productivity that allowed their communities to flourish.

5 February
As Commission for Social Development Continues Session, Speakers Call for Next Generation of International Targets to Uphold World Summit Goals
“People-centred” development, brought to prominence at the 1995 World Summit on Social Development, remained especially critical today, as Governments, civil society and the United Nations itself worked to finalize the next generation of international targets meant to improve peoples’ lives, the Commission for Social Development heard, as it moved into day three of its fifty-third session.

4 February 2015
As Commission for Social Development Opens Fifty-Third Session, Delegates Seek Transformative, Inclusive People-Centred Approach to Post-2015 Goals
Building on the dynamic momentum leading up to the adoption of new post-2015 goals, delegates debated ways to fine-tune a transformative people-centred approach to sustainable development that would leave no one behind, as the Commission on Social Development opened the second meeting of its fifty-third session today.

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