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High-Level Panel Discussion on People’s Empowerment

High-level panel discussion on the priority theme

 “Promoting people’s empowerment in achieving poverty eradication, social integration and productive and decent work for all”

New York, 11 February 2014
Conference Room 4 (NLB), 3pm-6pm
The high-level panel discussion aims at providing an opportunity for members of the Commission for Social Development and other key stakeholders, including civil society organizations, to engage in a substantive dialogue on policies and strategies that effectively promote empowerment and foster the virtuous cycle of empowerment and other social development goals. Such dialogue should inform national and international policy debates, including the ongoing debates on the post-2015 international development agenda and the future sustainable development goals. The sharing of concrete, evidence-based suggestions for the formulation of strategies that have been shown to advance the empowerment of people should also help members of the Commission in the preparation of a resolution on this priority theme.
The key objectives of the high-level panel discussion are, therefore, to identify, exchange and examine good practices and lessons learned in policies and strategies to promote the empowerment of people in achieving poverty eradication, social integration and full employment and decent work for all. In particular, the high-level panel aims to explore effective approaches to: (1) ensure that social, economic, political and legal institutions are open and inclusive; (2) build human and social capital to strengthen capacity for effective participation and give individuals and the groups to which they belong a voice; and (iii) actively promote participation by, inter alia, addressing discrimination.


Panel Discussion on the Priority Theme


High Level Panel Discussion on the Family

High-level Panel discussion on the Family

in Observance of the Twentieth Anniversary 

of the International Year of the Family, 2014

New York, 13 February 2014
Conference Room 4 (NLB), 3pm-6pm
The main goal of the panel is to present regional achievements in family policy development and their contribution to overall development efforts. It is also expected that the panel will offer recommendations on how to advance family issues at regional and international levels.
The panel may also reflect on how to anchor family policy development in post 2015 development agenda: how family perspective can contribute to the achievement of its goals/priorities & how new development agenda may influence social policy development & its impact on families.
Presentation of Speakers


High-level Panel discussion on the Family in Observance of the Twentieth Anniversary  of the International Year of the Family 2014


Panel Discussion on the Emerging Issue

A panel discussion on the social drivers of sustainable development will take place on 14 February 2014 from 10:00am to 1:00pm at the United Nations Headquarters in New york.
Emerging issues: the social drivers of sustainable development, E/CN.5/2014/8
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Panel Discussion on the Social Drivers of Sustainable Development

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