CSocD50 Civil Society Forum

Each year the NGO Committee for Social Development conducts a Forum, based on the theme to be addressed by the UN Commission for Social Development at its annual meeting.

The theme of this year’s civil society forum is “The Social Protection Floor Initiative (SPFI) – Bridging the Gap to Poverty Eradication.”  The Commission and NGO forum will be an opportunity for governments and civil society to engage on effective policies and practices via the SPFI as an essential and universal solution to break the cycle of poverty and reduce inequality and social exclusion while accelerating action toward achievement of Millennium Development Goals, 2015.


bulletStatement by Ambassador Jorge Valero, Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister to North America and Permanent Representative to the United Nations of Venezuela.

bulletStatement by Ms. Daniela Bas, Director, Division for Social Policy and Development (DSPD).

bulletCivil Society Declaration

bulletBackground Document: UN-DESA National Development Strategy Policy Note “Social Policy” by Isabel Ortiz.

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