CSocD42 Press Releases

  • Governments should ‘constantly strive’ to improve Public Sector, says Social Development Commission, as it concludes Forty-Second Session (20 February 2004), SOC/4645
  • Social Development Commission approves Texts addressing Persons with Disabilities, Ageing, Family (13 February 2004), SOC/4644
  • Social Development Commission discusses Status Of Draft Texts (12 February 2004), SOC/4643
  • Social Development Commission’s Wide-Ranging Migration Dialogue Praised as Solid Basis for identifying Challenges, Strengthening Cooperation (11 February 2004), SOC/4642
  • Better Managing Migration Key Challenge For Twenty-First Century, Say Speakers In Social Development Commission Debate (10 February 2004), SOC/4641
  • Commission For Social Development To Hold Panel On International Migration (6 February 2004).
  • Governments’ Primary Responsibility For Essential Public Services Stressed By Speakers In Social Development Commission Debate (5 February 2004), SOC/4638
  • Commission For Social Development To Meet At Headquarters From 4 To 13 February; Members To Discuss Public Sector Effectiveness (3 February 2004), SOC/4636

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