Report on the World Social Situation 2016

Report on the World Social Situation 2016In adopting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, world leaders committed themselves to leaving no one behind in pursuit of the eradication of extreme poverty and protection of the planet.  Through concerted efforts galvanized by the MDGs, the world has made progress in reducing poverty, but social exclusion persists in both developed and developing countries.  At the same time, some countries have been able to effectively promote inclusion even at low levels of income and development. Read more

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Good Practices of Accessible Urban Development

Good Practices of Accessible Urban DevelopmentBy 2050, it is expected that about 6.25 billion people, 15 per cent of whom are persons with disabilities, will be living in urban centres. Urbanization has the potential to be an engineer for achieving sustainable and inclusive development for all. This new publication on “Good Practices of Accessible Urban Development” illustrates and encourages more initiatives and concrete actions from both developing and developed countries in advancing urban development to be accessible and inclusive to all, including persons with disabilities and other special needs. Read more

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World Youth Report on Youth Civic Engagement

New World Youth Report on Youth Civic EngagementThe World Youth Report on Youth Civic Engagement was launched in UN Headquarters, New York on 15 July 2016. The Report explores young people’s participation in economic, political and community life, responding to growing interest in, and an increased policy focus on, youth civic engagement in recent years among Governments, young people and researchers. The Report provides thematic insights on economic, political and community engagement, coupled with expert opinion pieces so as to provide robust and varied perspectives into youth engagement. Read more

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System-Wide Action Plan on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (SWAP)

System-wide action plan - Indigenous PeoplesAt the 2014 World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, the General Assembly requested the development of a system-wide action plan for a coherent approach to achieving the ends of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Following months of consultation with indigenous peoples, member states and within the UN system, the Secretary-General shared a finalized system-wide action plan with heads of UN system agencies at the meeting of the United Nations Chief Executives Board in November 2015, where he encouraged them to make concerted efforts to implement the plan. Read more

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State of the World’s Indigenous Peoples Vol. II, Health

State of the World's Indigenous Peoples 2nd Volume, Health (Advanced Copy)This publication sets out to examine the major challenges for indigenous peoples to obtain adequate access to and utilization of quality health care services. It provides an important background  to many of the health issues that indigenous peoples are currently facing. Improving indigenous peoples’ health remains a critical challenge for indigenous peoples, States and the United Nations.

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