International Human Solidarity Day 2006

Launch of the International Human Solidarity Day

Launch of the International Human Solidarity Day, 10 November 2006

The Launch of the International Human Solidarity Day was opened by the Chair of the Second Committee, H.E. Tiina Intelmann, followed by a statement from H.E. Ali Hachani, the president of Economic and Social Council.  Mr. Ali Hachani stressed that embracing the value of Solidarity would be critical in order to reach the MDGs, particularly where poverty and hunger are concerned.  He also reaffirmed the commitment of ECOSOC to pursue efforts to build solidarity within the international community, and create an environment favourable to developing countries in its impact on poverty alleviation.

Mr. Jose Antonio Ocampo noted that the UN Development Agenda, which was defined by the UN global conferences and summits since the 1990s, was firmly embedded in the principles of solidarity. It was pointed out that new forms of solidarity were emerging that went beyond the provision of ODA, and were contained in some of the initiatives on innovative sources of financing for development.  Global initiatives and national policies were needed to support economic solidarity, a dimension of solidarity evident in the activities that had evolved as a means for societies and groups to address social, economic or environmental challenges inadequately met by government or the market.  Examples include the work of cooperatives, mutual societies, voluntary and civil society organizations, foundations and associations which conduct business in pursuit of social, environmental and community goals.

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ECOSOC’s Commemoration of the International Human Solidarity Day, 15 December 2006

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