CSocD48 Press Releases

bullet Commission for Social Development, Concluding Session, Adopts Text on Social Dimensions of New Partnership for Africa’s Development, 19 February 2010, SOC/4765

bullet Social Development Commission Approves First Ever Resolution on Promoting Social Integration, as Session Continues, 12 February 2010, SOC/4763

bullet Social Development Commission Meets to Consider Proposed 2012-2013 Strategic Framework,11 February 2010, SOC/4762

bullet Speakers Highlight National Steps Taken to Promote ‘Social Integration’ in Face of Economic Crisis, as Social Development Commission Concludes General Debate: The economic slowdown had weakened the world’s social safety net, but delegates of countries from Nicaragua to Kenya, speaking during the Commission for Social Development’s forty-eighth session today, reported some progress in improving the socio-economic situation of their most vulnerable and marginalized citizens thanks to a range of social integration, 5 February 2010, SOC/4760.

bullet Social Development Commission Panel Considers Priority Theme – Social Integration; Speakers Examine Obstacles to Policies Aimed at Achieving ‘Society for All’, 4 February 2010, SOC/4759.

bullet Since 1995 Progress Made Promoting Inclusion of Marginalized Groups, but Challenges to Social Development Remain ‘Daunting’, Under-Secretary-General Tells Commission, 3 February 2010, SOC/4758.

bullet Press Conference on Outcome of Forty-Eighth Commission for Social Development, 3 February 2010

bullet Commission’s 2010 Session to Promote Social Integration, Examine Obstacles Hindering Goal of ‘Society for All’, 3-12 February, 1 February 2010, SOC/4757.

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