COVID-19, Inequalities and Building Back Better

COVID 19, inequalities and building back better

The United Nations Secretary-General has described inequality as the defining challenge of our era – one that the Covid-19 crisis has thrown into even greater relief.

This new policy brief from the High-Level Committee on Programmes (HLCP) Inequalities Task Team – a collaborative effort of 22 UN entities to strengthen the UN system’s leadership, coordination and impact on reducing inequalities and supporting SDG 10 – describes how the Covid-19 crisis is widening disparities between people. It puts forward concrete recommendations for governments, as well as those UN Country Teams that support them, to seize this once-in-a-generation opportunity to ‘build back better’.

The brief sets out pathways leading from the current state of crisis towards transformed economies and more equitable societies, that allow everyone to enjoy the full range of their human rights, without discrimination.

Bold action is needed to build stronger, equity-focused health systems; to strengthen social protection and public services; to forge a job intensive recovery for people-centred and environmentally sustainable economies; to implement gender-responsive economic policies, based on international solidarity and multilateral collaboration; and to ensure social cohesion and community resilience.

Download the full policy brief on “COVID-19, Inequalities and Building Back Better”.

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