CSocD56 concluded its session by recommending four draft resolutions

The Commission for Social Development concluded its 56th session (CSocD56) by recommending four draft resolutions to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), on ageing, future working methods, strategies for eradicating poverty and Africa’s development.

The “Future organization and methods of work of the Commission for Social Development” (document E/CN.5/2018/L.5) was approved without a vote as orally revised . The ECOSOC would decide that, going forward, the Commission would consider a single priority theme at each session, leading to the proposal of an action‑oriented resolution with recommendations to the Department of Economic and Social Affairs.  It would also decide that the 2019 priority theme would be “Addressing inequalities and challenges to social inclusion through fiscal, wage and social protection policies”, and further request the Commission to adopt a multi‑year programme of work to guide its future sessions.

In closing remarks, the Chair of the Commission, Mr. Nikulas Hannigan (Iceland) said the session’s work had proceeded smoothly thanks to efforts by the Secretariat, the Vice‑Chairs, a number of strong keynote speakers and a range of other participants.  Over the last eight days, the Commission had convened four substantive panel discussions, each of which had been followed by highly interactive discussions.  There had also been an unprecedentedly robust level of participation by civil society, whose forum had been incorporated in the Commission’s work for the first time.  Nevertheless, he said, the Commission could become even stronger and more focused in future sessions, working to support not only the agenda of the Economic and Social Council but also carrying more value “in and of itself”.

Noting that the Commission had decided, through the resolutions adopted today, to take up several new working methods, he said that going forward it would consider a single priority theme each year.  That change that would help it “keep in step” with the Economic and Social Council’s work, he said, adding that the Commission would develop an action‑oriented resolution on its theme to present each year to the Council.  During its 2019 session, the Commission would also elaborate a multi‑year programme of work, and consider how to better support implementation at the national level “for those who need it most”.

Immediately following the closure of the fifty‑sixth session, the Commission opened the first meeting of its fifty‑seventh session in order to elect, by acclamation, Sama Salim Poules Poules (Iraq) as Vice‑Chair.  It also decided to postpone the election of the remaining members of the Bureau from the African States, the Eastern European States, the Latin American and Caribbean States and the Western European and other States.

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