54th Session of the Commission for Social Development

Widening inequality stymies efforts to achieve inclusive progress

54th Session of the Commission for Social Development

Despite progress, the development crisis continued to prevail, with the widening inequality between people and countries, delegates in the Commission for Social Development heard today, debating ways to design policies that could improve overall well-being and effectively address challenges without sacrificing the productivity that allowed their communities to advance.

The Commission continued its fifty-fourth session with a general debate on the “Rethinking and strengthening social development in the contemporary world”, with participants emphasizing the need to address the most pressing concerns such as access to basic services, decent jobs, quality education, eradicating social exclusion and meeting climate change adaptation and mitigation needs.

Many speakers shared national experiences and actions taken in that regard, with some recommending further efforts to empower the bottom percentile of income earners and promote economic inclusion, regardless of sex, race, ethnicity or disability status.  Others stressed that regional and international support played a key role to reduce amid differences both within and among countries and to achieve social development worldwide.


Commission Chair Ion Jinga (Romania), in his opening remarks, said social development was critical to the realization of the vision of the 2030 Agenda.  “It requires a holistic and integrated policy approach across all sectors to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals,” he said.  The integration of the social, economic and environmental dimensions in a balanced manner should be explored.

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