World Economic and Social Survey 2009

Promoting Development, Saving the Planet

The World Economic and Social Survey 2009 argues that mitigation and adaptation efforts can better move forward as part of a development strategy built around a massive investment-led transformation, along low-carbon, high-growth paths. This transformation would keep temperature increases consistent with environmental stability, while fostering the strong growth and economic diversification necessary to allow convergence of incomes worldwide.

The Survey contends that a critical role must be played by developmental States, able to mobilize public finance and build appropriate technological capacity. A variety of market and non-market institutional mechanisms would also be needed. This potentially win-win strategy would require the readiness of the international community to step up to the plate with multilateral financing on a much larger scale than has been forthcoming to date and new approaches to transferring technology from rich to poor countries.

Sales No. E.09.II.C.1
ISBN 978-92-1-109159-5


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