Smooth Transition Strategy Guidance Note

The Smooth Transition Strategy (STS) guidance note, developed by the CDP Secretariat, is in response to the recommendations of the General Assembly and the follow-up actions proposed by the CDP on strengthening smooth transition measures and dedicated capacity building to help graduating and graduated countries prepare their STS. It also informs graduating least developed countries (LDCs) and their development partners about the best way to assist such countries following graduation.

A national STS prepared by a graduating least developed country (LDC) in cooperation with development and trading partners and with targeted assistance from the United Nations system is seen as the basis for a successful transition that ensures the phasing out of LDC-specific support does not disrupt a country’s development.

The STS guidance note comprises of an introduction and four main sections: 1) Approach and Process; 2) Impacts of Graduation and Smooth Transition Measures; 3) Prioritized Smooth Transition Measures and Implementation Modalities; and 4) Roadmap. Each section comprises of some guidance notes and questions.

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