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Global Economic Monitoring Unit (GEM)

Selon les dernières prévisions des Nations Unies, publiées aujourd’hui, si les perspectives de croissance mondiale s’améliorent, une recrudescence du nombre de personnes contaminées par la COVID-19 menacent une relance générale de l’économie mondiale.

التعافي الاقتصادي مهدد بالفشل وسط تصاعد عدد حالات كوفيد وتأخر عمليات التلقيح في الدول الفقيرة

较贫穷国家2019 冠状病毒病例剧增且疫苗接种滞后,危及全球经济复苏

Восстановление экономики под угрозой в условиях увеличения количества случаев заражения COVID и отставания в вакцинации в более бедных странах

Several contributing factors need to be reviewed to look into currently emerging inflationary pressures, including the oil market, grains market, base metal market, semiconductor chip shortage, international shipping, wages and monetary factors.

Elevated inequalities place countries in a more vulnerable position to confront the pandemic. Going forward, fighting inequality will be crucial for reducing vulnerability to health and other emergencies and for enhancing the resilience of societies.

The jump in deposits in 2020 can largely be attributed to the temporarily increased savings of the non-financial businesses and households amid limited spending and investment opportunities and to strong liquidity preferences and high risk-aversion during the crisis.

The pandemic has exposed systemic vulnerabilities of the world economy. A robust and resilient recovery will require strengthening public finances and improving debt sustainability, combating inequality and expanding social protection, and promoting climate action and environmental sustainability.

The pandemic reached every corner of the world, infecting more than 90 million and, so far, has killed close to 2 million people worldwide. The crisis responses, however, entailed difficult choices between saving lives and saving livelihoods, between speed of delivery and efficiency, and between short-term costs and long-term impacts.

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