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United Nations Enable Film Festival (UNEFF)


Around the world, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is commemorated on 3 December. The objective of the annual observance of the Day is to promote a better understanding of disability issues and help mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. The Day also seeks to increase awareness of gains to be derived from the integration of persons with disabilities in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life.

On 3 December 2009, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) brought together a selection of short films that were screened at UN Headquarters as a part of the commemorative activities of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, and the tradition continues…

Films for the United Nations Enable Film Festival (UNEFF) are selected by an in-house committee on the basis of their content and message that can help raise awareness of disability issues and further promote the full and effective participation of persons with disabilities in society.

Films should:

  • Be short in length (however, occasionally feature length films are also accepted);
  • Be in a standard format (mp4, mov, etc.)
  • Include English subtitles, and other accessibility features;
  • Highlight an emerging or overlooked disability issue;
  • Present a disability perspective in a larger societal context;
  • Impact public opinion and help change mis-perceptions of disability;
  • Be gender inclusive;
  • Present diverse geographic and regional settings;
  • Present the human diversity of disability.

Films should NOT negatively portray a Government, UN agency, a civil society organization or individual

Send us your films

If you think that your short film can help achieve this objective and is suitable to be presented to a diverse international audience, please send us a link to the online version of the film to enable@un.org (or a copy of the film to UNEFF, S-2914, United Nations, New York, NY 10017, USA) for consideration by the UN Enable Film Festival (UNEFF) selection committee for possible inclusion in the film festival. The call goes out in September, each year (via the Enable website and Newsletter), the deadline for submission is 20 November.

Deadline for the submission of films: 20 November


Governments and other stakeholders in collaboration with the film producers, directors and actors are encouraged to sponsor films for screening at the UN Enable Film Festival (UNEFF) as a show of support for the CRPD and the UN disability-inclusive development agenda. The extent of support is decided by the sponsor, which could include providing the film to UNEFF and possibly arrange for representatives to provide an introduction to the film. Further support may be shown by sponsoring a reception before or after the screening of the film at UN Headquarters. Additional arrangements, including screening of films with audio descriptions, can be discussed along with the Special Events Unit at UN Headquarters in New York.

United Nations Enable Film Festival 2016

Julio and Jorge: Beyond the Labyrinth (UN, Paraguay)
Building a World for All (Australia)
Vocational Training and Job Creation (State of Palestine)
Envision 2030 (UN)
Berlin Accessible for All 2020 (Germany)
Don’t Shoot the Messenger (United States)
Inclusive Education: Take Action! (Denmark)
Catalyst 2016 (Australia)
Sisi Coala (Fiji)
No Lions in Paris (Kenya/France)
Recharting My Destiny (Hong Kong SAR)
I, Citizen (Italy)
Swish (Australia)
Inclusion Working in 2015 – Primary School (United Kingdom)
Soliloquy (United States)


Previous film festivals:

United Nations Enable Film Festival 2015
Steep Rain (UK)
Chammi – Hear Me Now (Sri Lanka)
A home for a new life (Moldova)
Pikinini Tok Tok: Voices of children with disability (Vanuatu)
Accomable: Enabling Adventure (UK)
Quincy’s Story (Cameroon)
Dragon Dreaming (Australia) Password: Kushia. Full version documentary.
An Ordinary Girl With An Extraordinary Will (Lebanon)
Deaf Role models in Kenya (Kenya)
Oltrea la linea (Beyond the line) (Italy) Password: good
Spectrum: A Story of the Mind (United States) (Trailer)
The Talents: Mawaheb (United Arab Emirates)
Para Normal (Canada)
Turning Words into Action (European stories)
Cal, the Writer (United States)

United Nations Enable Film Festival 2014
Disability is a matter of perception (Brazil)
Listen Up! Children with disabilities speak out (Australia)
No Limits (Israel)
My Favourite Leg (Canada)
Hannah’s Dance (UK)
Porimol’s story (UK)
AXIS Dance Company The Gift (of Impermanence) 2014 (USA)
Stop Ableism (Kenya)
Beyond The Margins (Ghana)
This Isn’t Disneyland (by The Sisters of Invention) (Australia)
Physically Disabled but Mentally Whole (Jordan)
You Can’t Give Up (Brazil)
Crazy Bread (China)  (Password: Bcbhbfoundation0401)
Akshay (The Inexhaustible) (India)
Adapted Surfing (South Africa)
Outro Olhar / A New Perspective (Brazil) (Password: outrolhar)

United Nations Enable Film Festival 2012
Think big. Overcome barriers (1.47)
The British Paraorchestra ‘True Colors’
Carry on (3.40)
Inclusion (7.00)
My Story – Kazol Rekha (3.23)
Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story (Short version, 7.00)
Don’t Leave Me Out! (3.30)
Džina Kadrić – My Story (2.21) and Nadza Suljovic (1.00)
Creating a World as it Should Be®: The Power of Disabled Women Activists (12.29)
London 2012 – Best Games Ever (4.02)
Diverse Universes (6.49)
My wish upon a star (11.14)
Body and Soul  (54.00)

United Nations Enable Film Festival 2011
Lives Worth Living (US)
Anything you can do (Australia)
Difference is Normal (Brazil)
Young Voices: Identity (India); Participation (Uganda); Determination (Guyana)
Between Hearing and Not Hearing (Hong Kong)
Accessibility/The Job – Handisam (Sweden)
Labels (Russia)

2nd DESA Disability Film Festival (2010)
Mundo Alas (Magoya Films)
Signmark (Signmark)
Young Voices (Leonard Cheshire Disability)
My Dream (China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe)
Vancouver 2010 IPC Winter Paralympic Games (International Paralympic Committee)
Motion Disabled (Simon Mckeown)
Stepping into the Unknown (HEARD-DHAT Co-operation Documentary)

1st DESA Disability Film Festival (2009)
I am one of you (UNTV Film)
Beyond the Light (Ivy Goulart Film)
DEAF: Hear Me (Wild Mango Films)
Rudely Interrupted (Australian Rock Band)

Other disability-related film festivals