Become an official COSP Youth Delegate

Image of UN Youth Delegates to the UN General Assembly in 2016

Are you a young person with a disability? Are you passionate about the rights of people with disabilities?

The annual sessions of the Conference of State Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (COSP) are held at UN Headquarters in New York City.

Participation in decision-making is one of the key priority areas of the United Nations agenda on youth. One form of youth participation at the United Nations is through the inclusion of youth delegates in a country’s official delegation to the UN General Assembly and various functional Commissions of the Economic and Social Council. Often, Governments in collaboration with civil society, establish a youth delegate programme at the national level, to decide who will represent the young people of their country at UN meetings. The roles of a youth representative varies from country to country, but mostly includes providing input to their delegation on issues related to youth and participate in their delegation’s general work through attending meetings and informal negotiations.

Contact your Government’s Foreign Office or official delegation to the United Nations and enquire about becoming a youth delegate to the annual COSP.

More information on the workings of a UN Youth Delegate programme is available at UN Youth website.