Calendar of Major Events 2020

The Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development and its Programme of Action have guided multilateral action on social development since 1995. Adopted at the World Summit on Social Development (WSDD) in Copenhagen in March 1995, the Declaration emphasized the eradication of poverty as an ethical, social, political and economic imperative. The Copenhagen Declaration was adopted by 117 Heads of State or Government that made the conquest of poverty, the goal of full employment and the fostering of social integration overriding objectives of development.

Celebrating 25 years of championing social inclusion

Everyone Included

In 2020, it will be 25 years since the Copenhagen Declaration set out a list of ten commitments to drive social development and social progress globally at the international and national levels. Governments continue to recognize the need to put people at the centre of development, strengthen international cooperation for social development, and to advance progress in the achievement of the objectives set forth at the World Summit for Social Development.

Join the UN75 Conversation: Shaping our future together

To mark its 75th anniversary in 2020, the United Nations is igniting a people’s debate, UN75. Launched by UN Secretary-General António Guterres, it promises to be the largest and furthest-reaching global conversation ever on building the future we want.

In a world of dramatic changes and complex challenges, from the climate crisis to population shifts to the unknown course of technology, we need collective action more than ever before. Through UN75, the United Nations will encourage people to put their heads together to define how enhanced international cooperation can help realize a better world by 2045, the UN’s 100th birthday.


10-19 February 2020
58th Session of the Commission for Social Development (CSocD58) on “Affordable housing and social protection systems for all to address homelessness”

20 February 2020
World Day of Social Justice

21 March 2020
World Down Syndrome Day

2 April 2020
World Autism Awareness Day

6 April 2020
International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

15 May 2020
International Day of Families

10-12 June 2020
13th session of the Conference of States Parties to the CRPD

13 June 2020
International Albinism Awareness Day

15 June 2020
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

12 August 2020
International Youth Day

UN75: Shaping our future together
21 September 2020
United Nations ill mark its 75th anniversary with a one-day high-level meeting of the UN General Assembly on the theme, ‘The Future We Want, the UN We Need: Reaffirming our Collective Commitment to Multilateralism’.

21 September 2020
International Day of Peace

23 September
International Day of Sign Languages

10 October 2020
World Mental Health Day

17 October 2020
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

31 October 2020
World Cities Day

10 December 2020
Human Rights Day

3 December 2020
International Day of Persons with Disabilities

20 December 2020
International Human Solidarity Day