Development Account: E-Learning Resources

E-Learning with the Development Account
E-learning and blended learning methodologies, either on its own or in a hybrid/mixed model, have become more frequently used for delivering capacity development activities. The COVID-19 Pandemic has further accelerated the need to explore alternatives to in-person mechanisms for delivering capacity development.

In response, the Development Account (DA) launched a new effort to strengthen the readiness of its implementing entities for using e-learning – either on its own or in combination with face-to-face modalities – to strengthen the institutional capacity of Member States, that resulted in a report on Blended learning methodologies for capacity development and an E-Learning Webinar series.

Blended learning Methodologies and E-Learning Resources
The Blended learning methodologies for capacity development report assesses the current state of e-learning in the economic and social entities of the UN Secretariat and identifies best practices and lessons learned in supporting capacity development through E-learning, or mixed/hybrid methods, and for adapting face-to-face trainings to the online space.

The report was presented a meeting of relevant UN Secretariat staff involved in capacity development, on 3 November 2020.

Please use the below link to access additional E-learning resources:
E-learning resources from Blended Learning Methodologies for Capacity Development

Development Account E-Learning Webinar Series
The E-Learning Webinar Series will cover various topics related to digitization and capacity development. Given the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic to delivering capacity development projects, the blended learning methodologies the E-Learning Webinars will focus on are particularly important as we continue to implement projects in the 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th tranche.

The webinars will take place every other week and will last for 60-90 minutes each depending on the interaction with participants. To accommodate for various time zones the sessions will be held twice, 3:30am and 9:00am New York time. Recordings of the sessions will be made available afterwards, kindly use the links below. Together with the related powerpoints and any additional material.

The Development Account further hosted focus sessions that built on the DA eLearning webinar series, providing participants with:

(i) Practical exposure to hands-on tools for effectively delivering and participating in interactive online workshops.
(ii) User-centred design thinking methods for co-designing blended learning strategies based on user needs, problem definition and ideation. The design process will be structured around real-world challenges faced when trying to adapt Development Account projects to blended formats. The outputs will be project-level blended learning strategies.
(iii)Opportunity to engage in small groups with colleagues from other entities and programmes.
Recording: Focus Session. Additional material: PowerPoint, Templates.