What We Do

UN DESA’ capacity development work builds on its diverse analytical expertise and unique access to networks of global experts and state-of-the-art knowledge and good practice on sustainable development to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. In collaboration with its partners it develops innovative approaches, methodologies, models and analytical tools to address specific capacity gaps of countries.

UN DESA focuses on helping countries build capacities for:

17 SDGs
  • Coherent, evidence-based, and inclusive policy-making;
  • Inclusive and integrated approaches and institutions, including through ICT and e-government solutions;
  • Effective and accountable public administrations for service delivery;
  • Social integration and inclusion of social groups;
  • Sustainable use of natural resources, including sustainable forests;
  • Domestic resource mobilization, including through International tax cooperation, promotion of social cooperatives, use of LDC-specific international support measures in the areas of trade and Official Development Assistance.