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Areas of Work: Institutions and integrated and inclusive approaches

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Effective, transparent, accountable and inclusive institutions that can facilitate integrated approaches are critical to ensure a coherent, balanced and effective implementation of sustainable development. UN DESA supports national efforts in this regard by promoting policy dialogue on emerging global public administration issues and trends related to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. UN DESA also facilitates the sharing of experiences and lessons learned as well as the elaboration of principles, methodologies and tools that help to build the capacity of national public administrations for participatory processes and effective service delivery including through Information and Communication Technologies and e-government solutions.


Key tools to build capacity of public institutions include:

  • Global fora, regional symposia and national workshops, including study tours, for strengthening public institutions and whole-of-government approaches to implement Agenda 2030;
  • Training modules/courses on how to introduce the SDGs in the curricula of schools of public administration to strengthen human resources capacities for the implementation of Agenda 2030;
  • Guidance on auditing preparedness for SDG implementation, case studies and training courses for Supreme Audit Institutions (SAIs) to support countries in enhancing public accountability;
  • Assessment tools and methodologies to strengthen inclusiveness and participation in decision-making processes, including through the Measurement and Evaluation Tool for Engagement and e-Participation (METEP) and Open Government Data guidelines;
  • Assessment tools and methodologies to enhance public service delivery in support of the SDGs, including through innovation and the use of ICTs (Measurement and Evaluation Tool for E-Government Readiness (METER), UN E-Government Survey section on SIDS, etc.);
  • Methodologies on how to promote innovative partnerships for public service delivery.

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