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Developing National Sustainable Development Strategies that Promote Stability and Peacebuilding

This manual describes a workshop method that enables participant experts in sustainable development to contextualize and adapt the material provided in the Guidance Notes “Developing National Sustainable Development Strategies in Post-conflict Countries”. The workshop provides an exploratory process to help development policy-makers and other
stakeholders in conflict-affected countries address their unique contextual challenges.

Service line: Policy coherence
Category: Vulnerability resilience
Created by: Division for Sustainable Development
Type: Capacity Development Tool
Format: Manual
Language(s): English
Location: http://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/documents/1040NSDS and Peacebuilding Training Manual (ROA-105) revised by Jenny 1104.pdf
Publication: 2012
Target audience: Government Officials from Post-Conflict Countries
Availability: Web accessible/downloadable